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  1. As I write this, I am overwhelmed by the feeling of thanks that I have for Elisa and Elite Eldercare and the absolutely wonderful, beyond words care, you provided to my mother. I think back on that desperate day when I went online to find a home healthcare provider to take care of my 90 year old mom with very serious weeping edema. Not only did you respond within 10 minutes to the online form I completed, but you were at my home in a matter of hours to complete the intake and introduce me to the CNA who was starting that night to take care of Mom! From that moment on, the services of Elite Eldercare were beyond fabulous! The compassion, caring and professionalism runs from the top — you — to each of the CNAs, to the RN who made home visits, and to the medical transport personnel (…). The care you all provided actually healed Mom’s condition, something I thought would never happen, Once she was physically healthy, yo all handled her memory loss and dementia with incredible patience and understanding. I simply cannot imagine better home health care could be provided by anyone! I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the uncommon personal attention you — as the owner of Elite Eldercare — provided. Your visits with Mom to personally make sure everything was going well set a standard I never imagined possible. Words simply are not enough to express how much I appreciate everything you and your entire team did to provide teh finest care. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  2. Elite Eldercare PDX is lead by Elisa, who is a very capable Care Manager. Elisa is a breath of fresh air. She is eager to serve and please every Client. What a pleasure it was working with her and seeing her attention to even the smallest of details. Elisa is someone who is trustworthy. She is a Godly woman who looks out for her Clients’ best interest.

  3. I have been in and around Homecare for 22 years. I have seen thousands of Caregivers and hundreds service providers. Elisa of Eldercare PDX is one of the most caring women I have ever met. Elisa knows that “Home is the Best Medicine”, so she with her care Team of Compassionate Caregivers cares for her Clients in the comfort of their own Home.

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